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What is Markably?

Markably is an elegant rich text editor with full markdown support. Markdown editors let you write rich content - such as blog posts, webpages, technical documentation, or simply keep some notes.

Our online editor is available wherever you are, and our native MacOS, Windows and Linux applications let you keep your markdown notes at your fingertips.

What is Markdown, and why should you use it?

Markdown is a multipurpose text formatting syntax with the philosophy to remains easy to read, without all the tags and formatting that other markup languages like HTML include. It covers most basic formatting option like lists, bold, italics, etc, and is an alternative to a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor.

You've most probably run into markdown whether you know it or not. Github, Reddit, Facebook and Skype all use slight variations to the markdown syntax.

When is Markably coming to Desktop?

Markably is still very much in early development. We are adding new features and improving old ones regularly. Our desktop editors are in early phases of beta testing and will be released publicly as soon as we feel it is ready. If you really can't wait, you are welcome to send us a message for a beta testing invite.

Our aim is to have it ready for download in Q1 2021.

When is Markably coming to iOS and Android?

Our early focus is on web and desktop support. We want to ensure Markably is a first class markdown and text editor before we bring support to mobile platforms.

If you can not wait just yet, consider giving our Online Editor a go on your mobile device. It is fully cross platform and we are continually improving mobile support for it

If all goes to plan, we have a rough release window for Markably Mobile in Q2 2020.

What is the outline panel?

Markably makes it easy to navigate your documents through our smart navigation system - the outline. It intelligently parses your document structure and automatically builds a tree navigator for you to jump around your document in a few simple clicks.

Think of the outline as a table of contents that is automatically extracted from your markdown document as you type it out.

How to save files as Markdown, PDF or HTML?

If you ever need to download your markdown document as an HTML, PDF or raw markdown file -

  • Open the menu by clicking the menu button in the top right of the editor window.
  • Select Export and choose the format from the drop down list.

When are themes coming to Markably?

Markably was designed from the start to support dynamic styling and theming. As we are still in early development we have not had time to flesh it out just yet - but if you really can not wait - drop us a message and we'll be sure to pop it up our priority list

How big is Markably?

The full Markably download size is less than a 4MB in total and around 10MB when installed. We strive to pack as much content in as little a package as possible.